The Cutlery Rental Program is the way to go for commercial kitchens that want to concentrate on cooking, not daily knife maintenance. Hub Grinding supplies our own heavy-duty line of professionally sharpened knives. Then, watch as automatic deliveries arrive each week with a duplicate set of knives that are cleaned, sharpened, and ready for use. We swap out the old for the new while you just keep on cooking.

It's So Easy, and Everyone Can Afford It

10" Chef


8" Chef

6" Boning Straight

6" Boning Curved

12" Slicer/Carving

10" or 12" Steak

Knife Sharpening



  1. Choose knives

  2. Decide if you want sharpenings weekly or bi-weekly

  3. Click here to start service

10" Bread or 9" Offset

4" Paring

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